Shared awareness.

I’ve been blogging daily for some time now. Each blog starts with an inspired message, one that arrives intuitively. The message drives the blog content.

Often, painfully often, the message is pertinent to me. I type the message and may wince, knowing there is something in my life that would benefit from tweaking.

Other times, I can’t relate to the message immediately. Later, however, I may receive reader feedback indicating the post hit home for them. Or the message may become pertinent in the following days.

Certainly, writing the daily blog help keep me on mental and emotional track. It’s a regular checkpoint to help keep my awareness in balance.

My gratitude goes out to each of my readers today for sharing in this journey with me. Our awarenesses have conjoined to produce this blog. We learn and expand together.

I hope you find the messages helpful and wish you health, happiness, abundance, and inspired awareness, today and every day! Bless you.

Please reflect and share. What daily practice helps you keep you on track?