Make a small positive change today.

Most of us have some aspect of our lives that we’d like to see improved. It may pertain to our bodies (weight, fitness, healthier diet), our minds (learn a new skill, strengthen our memory power, expand our awareness), or emotions (be less angry, be more contented, be more grateful). Or it may pertain to issues in our life circumstances like career or finances.

Sometimes, the distance we need to get from where we’re at now to where we want to be can feel overwhelming. We may resist making any effort at all.

We can get the momentum of creation working for us by priming the pump, so to speak. We just need to take one small positive step toward our goal. We might take a brief walk, watch a YouTube video about our desired skill, or simply state our gratitude for one blessing aloud.

If we continue making minor changes on a regular basis, we’ll surprise ourselves at the amount we can accomplish with very little effort.

Today’s message encourages me to just get started on a goal. A small start will set the stage for continuing progress.

Please reflect and share. What small change might you make today?