Positive abundance.

Most of us wish for something we don’t already have. It could be more or better relationships, more money, better health, or greater career or personal satisfaction.

In one way or another, we hope for greater abundance. We want to have and be assured of more of the richness of life.

We may fret about what we don’t have or that we are afraid we won’t have in the future. We’re particularly prone to this sort of negative imagining when it comes to finances. Unfortunately, worry isn’t good at generating abundance.

When we imagine a continuance of the good things we already have and the arrival of more and better things, we’re better positioned to manifest abundance. Positivity is a powerful magnet.

Today’s message invites me to be more positive and thankful. When I’m confident in continuing abundance in my life and grateful for what I do and will have, I attract more that is good and nurturing in life.

Please reflect and share. Are you willing to be positive about your present and future abundance?