Happiness is persistent.

We all get depressed sometimes. Or we may be mourning a loss—of a loved one, a friend, a job, a lifestyle. For whatever reason, happiness feels absent. We struggle to enjoy life.

This is a difficult emotional state to inhabit. When we’re in the grip of it, it probably seems like we’ll never recover. We fear we’ll never be happy again.

In this mindset, we forget that potential happiness is always present, in some fashion, in our lives. There is always something we might enjoy, however fleeting the experience.

It might be as simple as a good cup of coffee or a favorite song playing, but it provides the potential for happiness. Whether happiness is the bold theme song in our lives or a background counterpoint rhythm, it always persists in some way.

Today’s message invites me to recognize all the opportunities for happiness in my life today. When I look for the good, I will find it!

Please reflect and share. What happiness is present for you to savor right now?