Spiritual parkour.

For those of us who attempt to follow a spiritual path, life sometimes seems to hold more challenges than we feel we need. We may think of our path as a gentle, steady, uphill climb. In reality, it involves obstacles, walls, twists, turns, gaps, and rapid ascents.

We bemoan the difficulty and then may berate ourselves for feeling that way. Isn’t the spiritual path supposed to involve joy?

The discrepancy between our expectations and what is may in part be due to our approach. Many of us approach spirituality seriously. Joy and solemnity don’t mix together well.

When we have a fun-loving mindset regarding our path, challenges can be more fun. Our curiosity and verve for life is engaged. We are enjoying the moment rather than trudging along toward a goal.

Today’s message suggest that I adopt a more fun-loving and adventurous approach to life. When I pivot and flex around challenges rather than pushing up against them, resistance doesn’t tap my energy. There is more room for fun and joy in my life.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you are on a spiritual path? If so, how would you characterize it?