Know your value.

We may encounter situations from time to time in which we feel disregarded or disrespected. It’s painful when others seem to deal with us dismissively or treat us as disposable.

We may wonder why this happens to us, particularly if it seems to be a pattern. Why wouldn’t others be able to see our value?

When we encounter this scenario, we may need to ask ourselves whether we understand our own worth. Do we truly feel we are good people deserving of respect, care, and love?

If yes, is that how we treat ourselves? We can only expect others to treat us as well as we treat ourselves.

Loving ourselves and engaging in positive self-care is the best way to help ensure we’re treated well by others. We can nurture ourselves by regularly caring for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Self-care may mean drawing compassionate personal boundaries as well as disallowing disrespectful or abusive contact. We also nurture ourselves by fostering positive connections with others.

Today’s message recommends that I perform a quick evaluation of my self-respect. When I treat myself as a precious and unique instance of divine consciousness, I set the pattern for others to treat me this way as well.

Please reflect and share. Do you know your value?