Open to help.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want or need from life. We may wish for a little divine assistance to help get it and wonder why it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming.

We may not even be clear on what form we expect the help to take. We simply may feel it isn’t happening.

It’s very possible that we are blocking the very assistance that we feel we aren’t receiving. We may spurn attempts by others to help us.

Stubborn independence may cause us to feel we need to do it all ourselves. We might not feel the individuals offering assistance: 1) can be trusted 2) will do it right 3) are folks that we’re comfortable feeling indebted to.

If we can find a reason that another’s help isn’t acceptable, we can justify refusing it while continuing to decry our lack of help. In order to get help, we may need to be more open to being vulnerable and to accepting assistance from unlikely sources.

Or, on some level, we may feel we don’t deserve help. We may feel unworthy or abandoned and perpetuate the mindset by refusing to be helped.

Today’s message suggests that I could be more open to receiving assistance from others. When I’m willing to accept help, I honor the flow of Creation.

Please reflect and share. How comfortable are you with accepting help?