Magic requires belief.

Particularly if we’re struggling, we all hope for some relief, especially something perfect and miraculous to help us out of our difficulties. We’re hoping for a bit of magic in our lives.

While we have our hopes, we likely don’t really believe that we’ll experience a miracle from above to save us. Our wish for unexpected assistance likely feels unattainable.

If we don’t get our hoped-for relief, we likely aren’t surprised. We probably didn’t really believe it would happen.

And that’s the crux of the matter—belief empowers magic. When we envision something and are confident it will come to pass, we breathe life into it. We become co-creators by virtue of our positive belief.

And our belief starts inside, with our belief in ourselves and our ability to co-create. We are the magic and our dreams fulfilled are merely our magic projected outward.

Today’s message reminds me that all magic starts within. When I’m confident in my ability to manifest, I lend strength and certainty to my visions.

Please reflect and share. Do you believe in your own magic?