Foster harmony.

Many of us decry the unrest and conflict we see in the world around us. It’s painful to watch folks being treated unfairly and waging violence against each other.

We wonder what it might take to have a peaceful world. What is needed for folks to live harmoniously with each other?

The answer is to begin within. Often, parts of our persona are at odds against each other. We’re conflicted and sometimes may not even be aware of the internal friction.

Some quiet time and soul searching will help us understand where we are at odds with ourselves. Then it is our responsibility to make peace with the different aspects of ourselves. No one else can do this work for us. When we’re more comfortable with all parts of ourselves and feel more comfortable in our skin, we’ll likely feel calmer and more focused.

Then we can shine a spotlight on where and how we conflict with others. What remains unhealed within us that projects outward into discordant interactions with others?

If all of us did this inner work, there would be far less likelihood of conflict within society and among nations. As with most important things, we need to start small and within ourselves.

Today’s message reminds me that I can contribute significantly to harmony in my personal sphere, which then contributes in a small way to peace globally.

Please reflect and share. How might you foster harmony in your life?