Reactions are temporary.

Things that we dislike happen regularly. We may feel afraid, annoyed, disappointed, defeated, grief-stricken, furious, or disgusted.

In the moment of our first reaction, we may be overwhelmed by our feelings. In the short-term, as we ruminate on them, we may feel even worse.

But, with time, our strong feeling likely fade. We have memories of the difficult event, but they become less challenging as our reactions dissipate. What once made us incredibly sad may, over the years, just evoke a bittersweet feeling in us. Our extreme anger or fear lessens with distance from its initial source. Dangerous circumstances yield to safety.

This may be helpful to remember when we’re in the thick of a fresh and hard reaction. Knowing that we won’t always feel this gob smacked may help us get through the days until our feelings ease up a bit.\

Today’s message reminds me that my feeling about any situation will change over time. Things always get easier, and I can find comfort in this fact, when I need it

Please reflect and share. What painful feeling have faded for you with time?