Breathing. It’s such a basic thing. Our bodies do it automatically. After all, we’re still with the living, so we must be breathing. Yet, we often forget to breathe—consciously that is.

It’s easy to get into poor breathing habits. (I’m guilty here.) We don’t take full complete breaths. We breathe shallowly. We hyperventilate at times. We fail to breathe consciously as a practice. We get wound up emotionally, resulting in poor breathing.

We forget to use the one surefire tool to relax ourselves, our breath. Oxygenating our blood with deep inhalations and exhaling completely to release carbon dioxide helps reduce the stress markers in our system.

Conscious breathwork also can help us bolster our immune system, feed all our major organs with oxygen-rich blood to support their function, improve our emotional and cognitive state, and so much more.

Synchronizing our breath with stretching and exercise helps make them more effective. Breathwork can help us release tension and trauma. And breath is an important tool in visualization, carrying our intent and helping give it life.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to use my breath more consciously and consistently to support my well-being. I breathe, therefore I am alive and well.

Please reflect and share. How conscious are you of the potential in your breath?