Everyday joy.

Some of us long for our vacations. We plan getaways, sometimes to exotic locations.

We enjoy the variety of different locales and cultures. The stress of our daily routines is absent from our vacation days. We have a chance to get away from our everyday life.

This sort of vacation can be exciting, refreshing, and relaxing. We come back to our daily routine renewed. And then it all fades, often way too quickly.

When we pay attention to give ourselves small measures of guaranteed happiness and relaxation each day, we aren’t quite as stressed ongoing. Regular walks, listening to good music, playing with our kids or pets, meditating, engaging in a hobby all can give us a regular dose of daily joy.

Today’s message invites me to have a mini-vacation each day. When I take time to have fun and relax regularly, I won’t feel the need to get away from my daily life.

Please reflect and share. Do you have an adequate daily dose of fun and joy?