Court your desires.

We all have dreams. They’re things we wish for, perhaps practical, perhaps not so much so.

We may hope to achieve them someday while maintaining skepticism that they will ever come to pass. This results in us sending Creation mixed signals. “I want this but don’t believe it is feasible. Or I may not feel worthy of it.”

Particularly with larger goals, they may need time to fruit. While we’re being patient, we can keep the energy of our dreams fresh by flirting with them.

When we visualize with strong happy emotion and are confident and grateful in advance, we feed our visions with positive energy, sustaining them and us through the wait.

Today’s message offers me the opportunity to court my desires. When I woo what I want with my positive energy and belief, I can have fun while I wait for my wished-for result.

Please reflect and share. How do you relate to your dreams?