Believe in the good.

Sometimes we encounter situations we don’t understand. Because we don’t have a firm grasp on the scenario, we may try to think our way to understanding.

Without further insight or data, we’re simply imagining. When we combine the fear that can accompany the unknown with imagination, we can conjure up all kinds of negative visions.

This doesn’t help us deal with what is any better. Rather the reverse, we stress ourselves with our worry and still need to handle whatever arises.

When we are willing to trust and believe in a good outcome, we take the pressure off of ourselves and the situation. We’re in a better position to act effectively and we’ll feel better about it too. Additionally, belief in a positive result can help attract the very thing we want.

Today’s message invites me to be confident in the benevolence of life. When I’m willing to believe in life’s goodness, it is more likely to find me.

Please reflect and share. How might belief in the good benefit you?