Obstacles are temporary.

We’ve all had problems with roadblock to our desires. They can leave us feeling stuck and frustrated. We know what we want. Why can’t it just be easy?

It’s important to remember that all things are temporary. Lives, goals, and even roadblocks have a limited span. What may seem an insurmountable problem will go away at some point.

An obstacle only stays fresh in our experience when we continue to bump ourselves up against it. Then it is fresh and relevant.

When we give our struggle a break or find another route to our goal, the obstacle ceases to affect us. Knowing that it is of limited duration can help motivate us to deal with it more creatively.

Today’s message suggests that I cease putting my faith and trust in obstacles. When I put more of my belief and mojo in my ability to find a path, I’ll have an easier time of it.

Please reflect and share. What obstacle might you withdraw your energy from?