Course adjust as needed.

Many of us like to have game plans. “First I’ll do A, then B, then comes C and D, and I’ll be done.”

Unfortunately, when we’re making said plans, we’re not privy to all the facts. We plan based on what we know at the time.

As we go along—often at the A stage of the game—we find that things aren’t working out as planned. B may not make as much sense as we thought it might. , much less C or D

We may be tempted to push on in spite of that. We want to stick with our plan, since it gave us an initial sense of control.

If we’re willing to take a breath and tweak the plan to take into account new information, we will still have a plan, actually a better one. We may need to accept that a number of tweaks will be necessary before we’re done.

Today’s message reminds me that I can always change my plans. After all, it is my plan, I own it, and I can revise it as much as my heart desires or circumstances require.

Please reflect and share. What recent plan of yours has needed revision?