Refocus as needed

We can be going along fine in life and then somehow things don’t feel or seem right anymore. We may wonder why. More likely, we may somehow feel we’re at fault for the disconnect.

What’s needed is some self-compassion and some contemplation. If we can kindly and neutrally explore what may have changed in or around us, we may begin to understand why things don’t seem to be working or feel comfortable.

Something in the situation may be out of balance, requiring a bit of tweaking to work better for us. When we refocus our energy and rebalance the dynamics, we’ll find a way to help things feel good again.

Today’s message reminds me that adjustments are normal and healthy. I’m not intended to live in a steady state. I’m meant to grow, expand, and explore life joyfully. That means I’ll need to refocus and rebalance ongoing.

Please reflect and share. What in your life needs tweaking right now?