Breathe in awareness.

When things aren’t going in as we might hope, it’s easy to get caught up in our fears around the situation. We can become overly focused on the future potential of what we’re currently perceiving.

We may be receiving what is in the now incompletely. Certainly, we have a somewhat limited view of the scenario based on our beliefs and past experiences.

This leaves us with a flawed perspective to extrapolate from. So, we’re worrying about something that may not fully reflect actual potential.

However, the more energy we put into thinking about the feared outcome, the more likely it is to occur. Where attention goes, energy flows.

We have one simple tool at our disposal to help get us out of this cycle. It’s always available and is totally free. We can just breathe.

When we breathe to consciously relax, we can take ourselves out of a reactive state into a receptive one. As we calm down, we open ourselves to a wider perspective and new ways of sensing. With a less emotionally charged take on the current situation, we’re less likely to predict an awful outcome.

Today’s message reminds me to breathe myself into a more neutral space when I feel stressed. I will then be able to see what is more completely and deal with it more evenly.

Please reflect and share. Do you use breath to consciously calm yourself?