Respect your gut sense.

We all have instances where a person or situation leaves us feeling uncomfortable or unaccountably positive. Sometimes, we aren’t able to identify exactly why we feel that way.

It’s easy and all too common for us to brush such feeling off. After all, they seem to have no logical basis.

We may feel embarrassed making a choice on what might seem to others to be a tenuous basis. And others’ opinions, whether perceived or actual, all too often play a role in our decision making.

If we do listen to our intuition, we may feel chagrined if what we anticipated didn’t come to pass. However, it is possible that our heightened focus on the situation altered the eventual outcome.

Far worse is the scenario in which we don’t need our inner sense and then later realize that we should have. We may berate ourselves for not heeding our inner guidance, making the eventual, possibly negative, outcome even more unappreciated.

Today’s message reminds me that it is usually less risky to respect my gut sense. If it seems to be wrong, in retrospect, I’ve likely risked very little. But if it proves to be correct and goes unheeded, I can still leverage the situation as an object lesson in the need to listen to myself.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from listening to your gut sense?