Believe what works for you.

We all have personal beliefs—about life, love, politics, faith, what’s important. Some of these beliefs may have been taught to us when we were children. Other beliefs we’ve developed in the process of living.

We sometimes find that what we believe doesn’t jive with what we experience in life. This disconnect can cause distress, anger, resentment, or sadness. Life may seem hard when it doesn’t seem to be the way we believe it should be.

Here’s the thing about beliefs. They’re potentially fluid. Our beliefs evolve over the course of our lives. We can and will change them, whether by choice or by changes in us or the world around us.

So, when we experience a gap that our beliefs don’t seem to cover, we are being offered an opportunity to fine tune them. We have the chance to upgrade our personal operating system, so to speak, to encompass what life is rather than what we think it should be.

Today’s message reminds me that my beliefs aren’t necessarily someone else’s. I believe what helps me make sense of existence and what makes me happy. Hopefully others find beliefs that work for them as well.

Please reflect and share. What belief of yours might be ready for an upgrade?