As it should be.

We all have ideas about the way things should be. They usually differ from what is,

This disparity creates unhappiness in us. How can we possibly be okay, much less happy, when things aren’t right?

This conflict exposes an essential flaw in our beliefs and thoughts—that things can be wrong. As long as we believe that Creation is flawed or broken, we’ll continue to feel that things need to change for everything to be okay.

This misperception occurs because we are projecting our own perceived brokenness onto divine Creation. From our limited and often untrusting viewpoint, we can’t see the divine perfection of what is.

We certainly can attempt to care for ourselves, others, and the rest of Creation. The love that caring expresses is implicit in divine loving consciousness.

But we don’t care for ourselves and others because we/they need fixing. We do so because love is our basic nature.

Today’s message reminds me that everything is as it should be. When I love and care, it can arise from gratitude and pleasure in what is, rather than from a sense of lack or brokenness. In that way, love and caring are a form of thankfulness/worship for existence.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you and existence are flawed?