Request precisely.

We often know what we want. Less frequently, we ask for what we want.

Even less often, we are precise in stating our wishes or needs. We somehow seem to think others can read our minds. This lack of clarity can lead to misunderstandings and/or disappointment.

Sometimes, we may not be clear on exactly what we do want. This certainly makes it harder to fulfill our requirements, when they aren’t even precisely known to us.

The lack of exactness is definitely problematic in interactions with others. It becomes even more poignant when we’re visualizing and manifesting. Creation will honor our requests when they’re properly made, so we want to be definitive in what we ask of it.

Today’s message reminds me to up the clarity in my visualizations. When I’m clear on what I want and how I ask for it, I’m more likely to be satisfied with the results.

Please reflect and share. Are you precise in your requests?