Clear, kind, open, direct.

Many of us struggle with communication. We may have difficulty conveying a message and/or we may not listen neutrally.

This certainly can cause issues in business and personal relationships. Friction can arise if we feel misunderstood, don’t hear others well, or are reluctant, for whatever reason, to say what we feel.

Even more tricky can be not listening to ourselves. We may be afraid to admit our true feelings, so can mask them with other thoughts and emotions we may find more acceptable. We try to fool ourselves.

Or we may be well aware of what we want but may feel we’re unworthy to receive it.

The solution to these issues to be clear, kind, open, and direct. When we say what we mean or admit our own feelings in a straightforward, neutral, and benevolent manner, we’ll feel safer in the interaction and others will, too.

The absence of drama and gentle delivery helps ensure we’re heard and helps us hear others as well. Our communications are likely to be more successful when they’re more low key.

Today’s message invites me to be easy in my communications with myself and others. Lack of conflict helps me to understand and be understood.

Please reflect and share. What’s your general communication style?