Sacred life.

Most of us would like to feel our lives have purpose. We want our existence, at the end of the day, to have mattered. We’d like it if we were remembered for something grand.

No matter what we tangibly accomplish, this can be true for us. We don’t have to found an orphanage, cure cancer, discover a new planet, or raise or donate millions to charity. We just need to interact with life in a sacred way.

When we recognize the inherent divinity within ourselves, it’s then easy to acknowledge that everyone and everything has a spark of the divine in them. We’re all divinely interconnected.

Once we’ve accepted this truth, our attitude toward life can change. When our beliefs and resulting thoughts change, our actions can change too. We become willing to treat all of existence as sacred family. We are one, divinely interconnected.

This shift in perception can lead us to engage with life kindly, gratefully, and respectfully. In any interaction, we are meeting the divine.

Today’s message advises me I don’t need to rock the world to make a significant contribution. All I need to do is to love life and behave toward every aspect of it as an encounter with divinity.

Please reflect and share. Are you willing to see the divine in everyone and everything?