Rhythm is created by pauses.

Music comes in a variety of genres. We like to listen to it for differing purposes. There’s the upbeat bouncy music we listen to when we clean house. Love songs are great for date nights. Classical or new age music suits us when we’re feeling contemplative.

Each song has its own unique pace and rhythm. It’s created by the duration of notes and the pauses in between them. The absence of sound, in musical terms, is called a rest.

When we want to be creative or productive, we can take our cue from music. We work best with varying tempos to suite our mood and, most importantly, pauses to rest.

Each of us has our own unique personal rhythm. But we all need to rest to be at our best.

Today’s message invites me to be more in tune with my personal rhythms. When I learn to pause when my mind and/or body ask me to, I honor myself with love.

Please reflect and share. Does your personal rhythm include rests?