Be just who you are.

I was admiring the sea of blue scillas in my side yard today. Their color is intense and their delicate blossoms wave gently in the breeze. Altogether charming.

Then I noticed a stand-out. Amidst the blanket of dark blue flowers there is a delicious blue- white puschkinia. She stands alone proudly, radiant among the sea of more vibrant colors.

The puschkinia is gorgeous and perfect as she is. Precisely herself, she has no need to be any other way.

This sweet little flower has a message for all of us: be just who you are! When we don’t attempt to change ourselves to fit in with others or their expectations, we’ll be happier and healthier. Trying to deny our nature leaves us conflicted and unable to shine in our own unique way.

Today’s message invites me to be myself completely, without any revisions. I’m also invited to receive others similarly, just as they are. When I accept myself and everyone and everything else as is, I struggle less.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel comfortable being yourself?