Bloom out of season.

It’s been a coolish spring here up until the last few days. Today is warm, breezy, and sunny, a good version of a fine summer day.

Tulips which had been languishing have suddenly popped into bloom. Full bloom overnight. It’s a bit weird, but also delightful.

The tulips knew how to handle the unseasonable weather. They waited during the cool spell and then seized the opportunity to bloom when it arose. No fear, no hesitation, just full-on blooming.

We could take a lesson from these tulips. So often we feel conditions must be just right, predictably just right.

We don’t want to take a job in our educational field until we’ve finished our degree. We avoid wearing a swimsuit until we’ve lost ten pounds. A new relationship seems impossible until we’ve had at least a year since our last failed one.

But maybe, just maybe, we might be better served by sometimes throwing our carefully devised criteria out of the window. Opportunity and enjoyment may offer themselves on a schedule that doesn’t match ours.

Today’s message invites me to sometimes do things even when I may believe I’m not ready. Like the tulips, I may just need to seize the day.

Please reflect and share. What might you do “out of season?”