Let nature soothe you.

We all have issues with stress. Daily life certainly has its stressors—schedules, work meetings, financial concerns, too much to do in too little time.

We can certainly try to simplify our lives. But the fact remains that we evolved as animals and are trying to live a lifestyle that is largely artificial.

We live in houses, amuse ourselves and organize our lives with electronic devices, and live to rhythms that have little to do with natural rhythms of light/dark and the seasons. We as a society have a collective idea of how our species might be most productive and successful, and it has slight relation to coexisting as part of a natural whole.

Nature—what remains of it—has the power to soothe and heal us. Even sitting quietly on the grass in our backyard and listening to birdsong, watching clouds, and feeling the sun and wind on our skin can be substantially revitalizing.

Today’s message invites me to interact with nature respectfully without trying to dominate or tame it. In learning how I’m part of an interconnected whole, I find the connection destresses me.

Please reflect and share. How might time in nature benefit you?