Revel in the day!

Today was sunny and unseasonably warm. In a spring where bloom dates are at least two weeks delayed, it was a welcome shift.

Coming off Easter weekend, it felt like a tangible sign of renewal and a promise of good days (including today).

It was easy to appreciate today. There was nothing at all to complain about. I slept well overnight, the day went smoothly. My time outside was delicious. I have excellent left overs from yesterday and won’t need to cook. Thankfulness is easy to muster up today.

But there are also days which do not seem as magical. But each day, no matter how trying, has some sweetness in it. It’s up to us to recognize and savor those blessings. They help make every day feel worthy of gratitude for life.

Today’s message reminds me to celebrate something each day. Whether my daily gifts from life seem large or small, life is sweeter when I savor them.

Please reflect and share. What blessings did you enjoy today?