Imprint on yourself.

We’ve likely heard of the concept of imprinting. It’s the idea that a young animal recognizes another animal or person as an object of trust and/or nurturing figure.

We probably think of imprinting in terms of a parental relationship. After all, our parents are supposed to care for us when we are young and vulnerable.

No offense to them, but our parents usually don’t outlive us. So, we need to learn how to take care of ourselves. And mostly we probably do an okay job.

However, we may not consider ourselves worthy of significant self-care. We also may not trust ourselves and our own intuition and judgement.

As an adult, our lives are healthier and smoother if we imprint on ourselves. That’s to say that when we practice routine, high-level self-care and are our own best friend and guide, our path through life is easier and happier.

Today’s message reminds me that I’m the one person that will always be there for me. When I’m trusting and caring of myself, life in general is sweeter.

Please reflect and share. Do you trust and care for yourself?