Find joy in what you’re doing.

Many of us view tasks as something to power on through. We reckon that once we’re done, we can reward ourselves with something pleasant.

Often, we find another task to complete, and the something pleasant may be again postponed or possibly even abandoned. This leaves us dissatisfied with what we’re doing and longing for something else.

But what if we could make the task its own reward? What if we could find some way to make the task more enjoyable?

We can reframe our thoughts around what we’re doing. Or we can imagine how wonderful the end result will be. Or we can add a pleasant component to the task—a good cup of coffee, our favorite music, an interesting podcast.

Today’s message reminds me of the importance of enjoying what I do. When I find some happiness in each experience, my life is consistently joyful.

Please reflect and share. How might your current activity be more joyful?