Rebel. Be yourself!

With the prevalence of social media and streamed content, we’re bombarded with role models and consensus ideas of what is sexy, attractive, successful, or desirable. We’re given templates we can use to re-invent ourselves.

We help generate celebrities and then worship the ideals we perceive in them. We may model our thoughts, words, actions, appearance, attire, preferences, and beliefs based on theirs. In doing so, we negate our personal value, whatever it is that makes us unique.

It can be comforting to try to fit in with norms approved by some segment of our society. If we just model ourselves and behavior in particular ways, we’re likely to fit in and be accepted.

It takes courage to avoid bowing to cultural stereotypes. If we don’t look, talk, or act like most others, who will we be? Will others like us?

But in allowing ourselves to be exactly who we are, we are innovators and completely successful—at being ourselves. Self-love and acceptance are ultimate acts of loyalty to ourselves. We’re fully invested in allowing ourselves to be true to our beliefs, visions, and feelings.

Today’s message invites me to be fully and unapologetically myself. When I relax into being exactly who I am, I can enjoy and appreciate my life as it is more fully.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable allowing others to experience your true self?