Savor today’s goodness.

If your today was anything like mine, some things went wrong and some things went right. I found out my cat has arthritis in his paw. (At least it is nothing more serious.) And when I tried to leave the vet clinic parking lot, my car wouldn’t start at all. (Mercifully, I have AAA coverage.)

The battery in my car was toast. (It was seven years old. Amazing it lasted that long. The AAA representative had a battery on board his truck and was able to replace my old one in a matter of minutes.)

I was scheduled to be an hour’s drive away at an appointment I now needed to cancel. (It might have been more stressful to have the battery die farther from home. I was able to reschedule my appointment and wasn’t charged a no-show fee.)

So, while two things I definitely didn’t want occurred, a variety of good things alleviated the impact of the difficulties. I can choose to dwell on the arthritis and failed battery. Or I can focus on my cat’s general good health for his age and all the help that came together to assist me.

Today’s message reminds me to keep an eye out for the things and folks that assist me through difficult times. My world looks brighter when I savor the goodness of today.

Please reflect and share. How were you helped through difficulty today?