Resist resentment.

We all feel frustrated and angry with others at times. Someone does something we find frustrating or annoying. We feel resentful and may or may not express our frustration in word or deed.

The person we punish the most with our frustration is ourselves. Simmering annoyance lessens our ability to be joyful and captures some of our energy and focus.

If the undesired behavior is minor, we may wish to simply let the issue go. This way freedom can lie.

However, if the issue is more impactful, we may decide to address it with the other person. Meanwhile, until that discuss occurs, we may want to jettison our resentment. It will cloud our clarity and could get in the way of a productive conversation.

Today’s message reminds me that resentment helps no one. When I learn to handle unwanted occurrences without the static resentment provides, I will be happier more of the time.

Please reflect and share. What causes you to feel resentful?