Innard wisdom.

Most of us want to be good, reasoned decision makers. We feel we need to make logical choices that support our well-being.

We try to decide with our heads, thinking through the pros and cons of our options. We may ask others’ opinions, again trusting to their thought processes to help guide us.

This approach may work well for us, at least much of the time. But sometimes, we need to heed or consult our inner wisdom on a deeper level.

Our guts and our hearts are also organs of cognition. In fact, we register input with them more quickly than our brain does. So, we want to pay attention to what our innards tell us.

It may be as simple as a gut-level feeling that something is or isn’t right for us. Or we may feel we just feel we know something in our heart. These deep feelings are tied more closely to our subconscious processes and may take into account input that we don’t logically register.

We’re wise to heed them and make them a part of our decision-making process. Sometimes, they may even override logical considerations and should do so, especially if our sensations are strong.

Today’s message reminds me to value the wisdom of my innards. When I choose in a way that honors my logical and intuitive sides, I make decisions with my whole self.

Please reflect and share. Do you listen to your innard wisdom?