Rest easy.

Our society pushes us to accomplish. Achievement, goals, and targets are part of our general mindset.

Even with our dreams, we may feel pressed to make them happen. This impetus isn’t always rooted in our passion and desire, but also can result from the sense of drive we’ve been trained to have.

Getting things can certainly be a positive. But doing so at the expense of our well-being isn’t healthy.

Even when we do take a needed break, it may be with a sense of guilt. We may push ourselves until we’re ill or exhausted and still feel badly that we can’t continue on like an automaton.

Rest is essential, just like food and drink. Our bodies need it regularly and in sufficient duration for us to repair physically and destress mentally. If we do take downtime or sleep begrudgingly, our mindset can diminish the effectiveness of the rest.

When we rest gratefully and luxuriantly, we enhance our recuperative powers. Just as we get more benefit out of a meal we eat consciously and gratefully, rest that we savor and enjoy is more advantageous.

Today’s message invites me to treat rest as a gift I give myself, to be treasured and enjoyed. When I rest easy, knowing that I’m nurturing myself, I enhance natural my recuperative powers.

Please reflect and share. Do you rest easy?