Big picture choices.

We hear a lot about being present and living in the now. The emphasis is on being aware of the space that’s right in front of you and dealing with what is happening right now.

It’s true that living in the past for any duration is not functional or useful. Similarly, living in the future robs you of any chance for happiness in the here and now. And it is vital to experience the present moment. It’s where our happiness lives. It’s what we have in reality.

That said, making short-term decisions may not help support what we want in life ongoing. While living in the moment, we want to be cognizant of our dreams and desires and who we truly are when we make choices. We want to ensure that our selections will be livable for us long-term.

Today’s message reminds me to be strategic in my decision making. Impulsive choices won’t suit we as well as longer-term options that honor both heart and head.

Please reflect and share. How do you make your decisions?