Little things can bring great joy.

We’re conditioned by society to look for joy in large events and expensive items. New cars, international vacations, large homes, designer clothing all seem to hold an appeal for many of us.

We follow celebrities in the news and may even hope to emulate their lifestyles. Bigger may equate to better for us.

We may find the everyday to be blasé. By comparison to our ideals, it may feel lacking. But is it really?

Many of us have a very generous lifestyle. We have clean clothes, running (heated) water, electricity, and a choice of foods to eat. We likely take all of these items for granted.

If we donned a well-worn clothing item today, we may have had varying responses. We might have wished to have something new or different to wear. Or we might have remembered all the happy occasions we’ve lived through wearing the item. We might have seen it as a companion on a long and pleasant journey.

Attitude is key here. When we look for joy in the everyday, we’re more likely to find it.

Today’s message reminds me to make much of life’s little pleasures and treasures. When I appreciate what I have enthusiastically, I’m more likely to encounter more of what I enjoy in life.

Please reflect and share. What small joy are you experiencing right now?