Rethink what drains you.

We all feel tapped from time to time. It may be emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially. But we’re all familiar with that bone-deep level of tiredness or lack.

Sometimes we’ve chosen the things that exhaust us or our resources. We may have elected to take on a large and complex project, or have committed to a bigger endeavor, whether on our behalf or another’s.

Other times we feel we cannot avoid situations that sap our wherewithal. Others may have expectations of us, either personal or professional. We likely feel we can’t afford to disappoint them.

Our goal or another’s aim is likely not that we exhaust ourselves on some level. But it is, nonetheless, a side effect of us trying to put the end result ahead of our well-being.

Today’s message invites me to rethink any situation that significantly taps my resources in any way. I can choose to skip or modify certain expectations, or I can ask for help. But an activity that isn’t healthy for me isn’t good for anyone else either.

Please reflect and share. How might you be draining yourself?