Create your own box.

I meditate most days with my cat Makhota, a form involving a visual journey. Recently, I’ve asked him to take the lead on our joint visualizations.

The results have been amusing, profound, and effective. We’re approaching conscious interconnection with the divine together, from a cat’s point of view.

Today’s meditation was no exception. Here is how it began:

“We’re going to do what I like to do at night. Imagine yourself somewhere dark, quiet, and safe—like a box. A very comfortable box. It’s just the right size for you and you feel at ease there. And it should feel natural to you, because you create the box. You are the box.”

I was instantly captivated by the novelty and deepness of the concept. Makhota proceeded to expand on the idea that we generate our own personal reality. It resonated, deeply and perfectly.

Whether we feel free or constrained, whether we’re happy or not, whether we prosper or suffer, we are in charge of how we perceive life. It’s up to us to discover what goodness and beauty we can find on our path, both in ourselves and in our interactions with all of Creation.

If we don’t like the box we’ve created, we can choose to remodel our box or to find an alternative one. We have the power—to visualize, be grateful for what good we have, and to make choices that help us feel happy, whole, and free.

Along the way we’ll find teachers and inspiration, sometimes from unexpected sources. Mine came today in the form of furry, black, wisdom with glowing golden eyes.

Today Makhota reminds me that my life is what I make of it. My world is as I envision and perceive it to be. I might as well create one—my box—filled with beauty and wonder.

Please reflect and share. How would you like to create your box?