Appreciate right now.

Here, now, in this small slice of time, what is going on in and around us? This may seem like a very boring and ordinary moment, but there is always something to appreciate.

Right now, I’m in front of the computer writing my daily blog. (I have a working computer.) The sun is shining. (After many grey days in January, it’s a bonus to see sunshine.) I’m wearing one of my coziest winter shirts. (Love how it comes down to my knees and is super fuzzy.) I just had a sip of water. (I was thirsty after a walk outside, and it really feels good to have a cool drink.)

In the bustle of our daily lives, it can be easy to lose focus on the small everyday miracles. We’re often too busy putting out fires and thinking about what we need to do next.

While it may be difficult to keep gratitude foremost in our minds continuously, we can develop the habit of taking gratitude breaks. Several brief times each day—regular times may help us maintain the habit—we can take a minute of less to think of something, anything in the moment that we’re grateful for. In just a few seconds of time, we will be able to bring several good things to mind and appreciate the heck out of them.

With time and practice, we may notice ourselves being grateful outside of our regularly scheduled gratitude breaks. That’s when we’ll realize that our mindset is shifting. Something else to be grateful for!

Today’s message asks me to be more present with my gratitude for life. The more I appreciate, the happier and more satisfied I am.

Please reflect and share. What can you appreciate right now?