Listen to the silence.

Most of us are busy people. We work hard, try to take care of ourselves and others, and attempt to carve out time to play too. Often this can represent a difficult balance.

We also think hard. We try to puzzle out challenging situations. We brainstorm solutions. We manifest our dreams with positive thoughts. All this adds up to a lot mental busyness.

A churning brain may leave us feeling stressed and tapped out. A contemplative practice like body awareness, meditation, or prayer can help us slow done and get centered. When we connect with our inner self in stillness, we release all the mental distractions and let our inner peace and wisdom come to the fore. This is where the magic begins.

Our subconscious is our route to interconnected divine reality. When we bask in inner quiet, we let our awareness ride out beyond our usual personal constraints. We expand our consciousness and grow our understanding and creativity.

Today’s message invites me to take more quiet time within. In the stillness of my being, I find inspiration and refuge from the predictability of my own thoughts.

Please reflect and share. How does getting quiet and internal benefit you?