Believe in life’s benevolence.

Many of us think of life as something that happens to us. We see ourselves as the main character in our life story and we view life events as going on around us.

We may believe in our power to manifest. If so, we feel our thoughts can influence what goes on outside of us.

In divine reality, we affect life as it also affects us. We’re intertwined in existence, not separate from it. So, all we experience starts from inside us. We see our internal workings projected out into our perceived version of reality.

If we believe life is hard, it will be. Belief in an uncaring world will make one apparent to us. Conversely, belief in a generous existence will make ample opportunities for us.

When we’re certain life is loving and caring, it will be—though perhaps not always in the ways we might expect. Existence tends to take a longer view than we typically do. What might seem to be disastrous to us may very well turn out to be exactly what we needed.

Today’s message invites me to see life as a benevolent banquet. There is so much richness and beauty in life. I merely need to be grateful and kindly as I reach out to enjoy as I wish.

Please reflect and share. Do you believe life is loving and giving?