Look for unexpected allies.

Life is rich and full. We coexist on our planet with a variety of living and nonliving entities. Our planet is also part of a star system, a galaxy, a universe, a series of alternate realities.

We tend to think of our life based on the folks of our own species we interact with. Other species, life forms, landscapes, and so forth tend to represent background filler to us. Yet, we are just as interconnected with everything else that is.

When we broaden our horizons to think of trees, plants, pets, birds, insects, rivers, mountains, other planets, moons, alien life forms, etc as intrinsically entwined in life with us, the scope of our life expands and blossoms.

Suddenly, all of existence has a story to tell us and something to teach us. We have numerous and varied role models, each with their own unique spin on life. The entire multiverse is our university, and we have free tuition. We just need to be willing to participate as fully as possible.

Today’s message advises me to look for allies and teachers in unexpected places. When I’m curious and open to new viewpoints, my joy and possibilities in life expand.

Please reflect and share. What unusual ally is in your life right now?