What limits you?

All of us run into barriers inside ourselves. There are things we feel we simply cannot do or cannot stop doing. Either way, this type of block can limit us.

Often, some sort of fear is involved. Frequently that fear relates to past unpleasant events. While our present circumstances might feel similar, it is likely that our fear has generalized and applies itself to situations that really aren’t the same.

Our first clue to this will be when we have an immediate strong emotional reaction. That tells us that we’re reacting more to the past than to the present.

Knowing this, we can engage in personal work to take some of the sting out of the past and to help us realize that the present can be different.

It is possible that intuition may be causing us to pause. However, at least for me, intuition usually isn’t gut wrenching. It may be insistent but shouldn’t make us feel endangered. We want to pay attention to both our fears and our intuition but react to them differently.

Today’s message invites me to be aware of how my fears might drive my choices. When I get that “just nope” sort of feeling, I can ask myself what I’m really afraid of. Chances will be that my fear won’t be relevant to the present moment.

Please reflect and share. How has fear limited you?