The view is always the same.

With social and political divisions prevalent, it isn’t hard to find folks that think and believe differently than we do. Sometimes, it can dumbfound us how those with other viewpoints see and experience what they do. The truth of how things are can seem crystal clear to us.

And yet, we all—no matter our beliefs—seem to think our perceptions are accurate. How can that be?

The underlying truth of divine unity and love is unchanging. However, we each of us have our own unique spin on what is. Regardless of our political ideology, religious beliefs, societal norms, economic status, or genealogical background, we’re all looking at the same exact thing. We simply see it quite differently from each other.

The same is true of other species and even things we think of as natural objects, like mountains, rivers, and stars. We’re all experiencing divine reality in our own unique way.

Today’s message reminds me that it isn’t my job to help “correct” others’ perceptions of reality. My responsibility is to make my own perceptions as free of judgment and assumptions as possible.

Please reflect and share. Do others’ perceptions seem “accurate” to you?