Treat yourself as worthy.

So often we short ourselves. We put others first. We figure we can hold up just fine without self-care. We allow others to ignore our needs and as a result they become accustomed to us being easy and permissive.

We can have a variety of reasons for doing so. We may lack self-esteem. We may want to be a “nice person”. We may engage in people pleasing so that others like us.

Regardless, the message we send to ourselves and to the world is that we’re not worthy. As long as we radiate that energy, what we’ll attract is being disregarded in life.

As part of a unified, loving, divine whole we are worthy just by our simple existence. If we treat ourselves less than lovingly or allow ourselves to be treated in that way, we are disrespecting the divine.

When we’re willing to see ourselves as worthy and act accordingly, life changes for us. We’re happier and feel more secure. Our relationships are more balanced. Certainly, there may be adjustments, but they will help to build a sounder, saner life for us.

Today’s message invites me to reflect lovingly on my good qualities and then realize that even without them, I would still be worthy. When I honor myself in thought, word, and deed, I honor the divine.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you are worthy?