First and foremost

Some of us struggle with self-esteem. We may have been patterned to devalue ourselves because important figures in our lives, like parents or partners, didn’t treat us as if we mattered.

If our basic needs, like caring, nurturing, and validation weren’t met, we may continue the poor treatment others initiated. These influences may no longer be mistreating us, but we may take over their role and actions and deal with ourselves harshly, neglectfully, or dismissively.

We may wish to ponder whether this is a possibility for us if we often feel victimized. An honest review of our self-image and self-care can tell us if this is true.

If we are lacking in self-esteem, we can start building it gradually, one thought and action at a time. It may help to think of ourselves as a tender child or baby animal. How would we treat one? We can reassure, praise, nurture, and value ourselves as if we were the most precious being.

If we’re struggling to do so, we might consider discussing with a trusted friend. We might ask them what they value in us. It could help us to begin to perceive ourselves differently.

We matter and are important and precious, or we wouldn’t be expressing Creation through our bodies at this time. When we don’t value ourselves, we disrespect the divine.

Today’s message reminds me that first and foremost, I’m here to honor Creation by taking good care of myself. I don’t need to be selfish, but I do need to support myself fully. Only then will I have the ability to truly help others.

Please reflect and share. Do you do well at putting yourself first?