The magic is in the pause.

Popularly, we are told we need to grind to make things happen. We may believe we need to be active nearly non-stop to achieve what we want.

This belief can cause burnout as well as short-sighted decisions. When we forge ahead without pause, we lose the ability to assess and course correct. We also failing to give our best effort because we’re flirting with exhaustion.

Gifting ourselves with regular downtime, we do more than give our bodies and minds much-needed rest. We also allow time for inspiration to germinate and realization to percolate. We have the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and refine our plans.

In pausing, we allow life to set its natural rhythm. Rather than forcing things, we allow ourselves and our goals the best opportunity to thrive.

Today’s message suggests I ensure regular downtime to allow the magic in my life to blossom. At rest, I am more open to receive.

Please reflect and share. What magic might you receive through a much-needed pause?