Nourish yourself.

When we think of nourishing ourselves, we tend to think of food as fuel. We need a specific number of calories each day to support our conscious and unconscious bodily activities.

But nourishment is so much more. It certainly is healthy food and drink that increases our physical well-being. Too, it is positive mindset to help build self-affirming thoughts and behaviors.

Spiritual connection and increasing our sense of the love in and around ourselves is also a form of nourishment. A commitment to finding fun and joy in life on a daily basis also feeds our body, mind, and soul. Appreciating and cherishing our natural world can pipeline us to so much goodness.

Today’s message challenges me to find new and interesting ways to nourish myself. When I care for myself in a variety of ways, life is fulfilling and fun.

Please reflect and share. What nourishes you today?